The Ai Thats Seamlessly Connecting Patients & Medical Practices


Industries Supported

Plastic Surgery

Connecting patients & plastic surgery practices. 


Connecting patients & dermatology practices. 

Cosmetic Dentistry

Connecting patients & cosmetic dentistry practices. 


Connecting patients & ophthalmology practices. 

How It Works

Making it easy for everyone.

Application Submitted

Patients submit an application looking for services.

AI Process

AI selects the best possible practice on our platform based on various data points. 

Team Support

Support Team Works With Patients & Medical Practice For Appointment Scheduling

Treatment Completed

Patient Receives Desired Treatment. 


Meddipop For Practices Explained

Meet your next patient generation superstar. It knows exactly who your ideal patients are and sends them right to you, 365 days a year. It’s Meddipop, the super-smart, incredibly efficient patient-matching AI that’s ready to grow your practice, while you focus on literally anything else. Ready to see what your practice has been missing?


Meddipop For Patients Explained

Skip the internet searches and word of mouth. Find trusted healthcare providers and book your appointments, all from one easy-to-use dashboard. Plus earn Meddicredit to get discounts on your care.

Join MeddiPop & Revolutionize Healthcare

Meddipop. Is the administrative Support entity and all Clinical services.

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How to acquire more patients and retain them for life

We offer patients a specific amount of Peachy Credit that they can spend in a practice with each application.