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More Than Skin Deep

Your dermatology practice needs a patient generation strategy that goes right to the bone. Achieve success in your dermatology practice with our advanced patient-matching AI that identifies qualified leads actively seeking your specific services. Develop a patient generation strategy that expands your patient base, increases conversion rates, and helps you grow your dermatology practice.

More patients, less stress

Get qualified leads for your dermatology services.

Dermal Fillers

Chemical Peels


Botox + Dysport

Laser Hair Removal

Outshine the competition with AI

Stop losing patients to the competition. Get a steady stream of patient leads who are ready to book, with Meddipop’s advanced patient-matching AI.

Easy as 123

Get set up in 3 simple steps

Ditch the cheesy marketing campaigns and skip the slog of networking. With Meddipop, patients come to you — and getting started is easier than setting up a Facebook profile.

Tell us about your practice

Answer a few quick questions about your practice and ideal patients

Do it all from your dashboard

As new leads come in, we find and funnel your perfect matches right to your dashboard

Start booking and seeing patients

Together with your staff, we’ll help you schedule appointments and keep your patient roster full

how it works

All-in-one Dashboard

Everything at your fingertips.

Say goodbye to glitchy tech and stress-inducing medical software. Your easy-to-use dashboard lets you do it all, with just a few clicks. Organize leads, message patients, store patient info, track and analyze data, manage billing, send invoices, and more. Zero tech savvy required.


Our AI matches the patient’s application with a relevant practice based on their location and procedure requirements.


When patients submit an application on the platform we give them something called “Meddicredit” which can be used towards their procedure cost.


The practice onboards the patient and can choose to accept or decline the Meddicredit, we provide a free lead for each $200’s worth of Meddicredit you accept.

Accept MeddiCredit

Earn MORE leads with Meddicredit?

Meddicredit is another opportunity for you to get ahead, while making your patients feel special with a discount on their services. So you can score loyalty points with your patients and enjoy even more leads.

See MeddiPop in action

Simple set up. Do-it-all dashboards. Track, organize, analyze, invoice, and more — with just a few clicks. See how it all works in our demo video.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions about MeddiCredit? Check out our FAQs below.

Nope! As a medical practice owner, it’s totally up to you to accept or decline Meddicredit. Patients receive Meddicredit when they sign up with us, and it’s theirs to use with zero strings attached. If you do decide to accept Meddicredit, we’ll send you extra free leads before your next billing. It’s our way of sweetening the deal and saying thanks for offering discounted care to our patients.

Our patient-matching AI is a super smart automation tool that connects qualified patients with the specific medical services they’re looking for. It’s been developed based on tons of data points, like insurance, procedural inquiry, location, income, and demographics (we could go on, but if we listed all the data points you’d probably fall asleep before finishing them). The point? All that data makes our platform extremely accurate — like, scarily accurate — in matching patients with providers.

Our talented marketing team works hard to find patients, using various advertising sources. We take pride in tracking down these leads so that busy practice owners like you can focus on what matters most: growing your practice.

In a perfect world, every lead would convert into a loyal, repeat patient for years to come. But with so many factors that impact conversion, we can’t possibly account for all of them or guarantee that leads will become paying patients. If you find that your conversion rates with Meddipop leads aren’t great, let us know and we can explore ways to get things back on track.

Yes, and you can help with this! All you need to do is report to us the leads that convert as well as how much they were worth for your practice. Our AI will do all the work on the backend to ensure it gets smarter and provides even more value to your practice.

Join MeddiPop & Start Seeing Patients Today.

With us, its patients first, pay later. Join MeddiPop to super charge your practices lead-flow and increase collections.


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How to acquire more patients and retain them for life

We offer patients a specific amount of Peachy Credit that they can spend in a practice with each application.