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Effective date: April 10, 2022

Meet MeddiPop, the Advanced Patient-Matching AI That’s Simplifying Lead Generation for Medical Practice Owners 

MeddiPop is an advanced patient-matching AI that’s making it easier than ever for medical practices to find qualified patients — and for patients to find care that meets their needs.

Ask any medical practice owner and they’ll tell you that providing quality care is the most important and rewarding part of their job. 

It’s also the one they typically have the least time for. 

Why? Because of all the other stuff of running a medical practice that gets in the way. 

The time-consuming administrative tasks. The endless piles of paperwork. The wrestling with outdated software. And perhaps most of all, the frustration of finding and booking qualified patients. 

But while these tasks were once considered irritating but unavoidable, today they can be automated and outsourced almost entirely to AI. 

Enter MeddiPop, an advanced patient-matching AI platform with a simple goal: to make life easier for medical practice owners and staff, so they can spend less time on busywork and more time on providing top-notch care. 

Here’s how it works. 

MeddiPop is an AI-powered platform that provides a steady flow of qualified leads 

At its core, MeddiPop is an AI platform that automates the trickiest and most time-consuming tasks — like patient lead generation. 

Traditionally, medical practice owners have had to rely on hit-or-miss marketing strategies to find patients, like paid ads, billboards, and word of mouth. And while these tactics can often attract leads, they don’t necessarily attract relevant leads who are likely to turn into actual patients.


That’s because a number of factors have to come together to make it a good fit on both the patient side and the provider side. Factors like the availability of specialized services (and their pricing), compatibility with insurance providers, and the patient’s proximity to the clinic and ability to access it.


So it’s not enough for a medical practice to just advertise their services. Without a plan for finding qualified patients, they’re likely to see a lot of their marketing budget and efforts go to waste.


But with MeddiPop’s advanced patient-matching AI, medical practice owners don’t have to spend valuable time chasing down leads on their own. The platform makes it so that patients come to them.


It’s a simple process, with powerful results. Patients sign up with MeddiPop and provide information about the type of care they’re seeking, their location, insurance, as well as some other relevant demographics. 

Then, the platform goes to work, using data-driven AI to find and funnel those pre-vetted leads to the practices best positioned to serve them. Leads are sent daily and automatically, for a truly hands-off experience that also minimizes the guesswork of finding qualified patients. 

MeddiPop is also a major win for patients looking for quality dermatology, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, and cosmetic dentistry services 

So, with all the benefits that MeddiPop offers to medical practice owners, what’s in it for patients? 

For starters, convenience. Which is no small thing for people who are exhausted from the legwork of finding a care provider who is within their price range, isn’t located hours away, and is also accepting new patients. At the time of launch, MeddiPop focuses on medical practices in four key industries: dermatology, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, and cosmetic dentistry. 

With MeddiPop, patients can just sign up and provide their details, and the platform does the heavy lifting of matching them to medical practices that are a good fit. No more random internet searches for service providers (and scrolling through endless reviews to vet their quality). No more surveying family and friends for word-of-mouth recommendations (and having to navigate embarrassing discussions about their personal medical concerns). 

If that weren’t beneficial enough, there’s something else that makes MeddiPop an easy yes, for both providers and patients: discounts on care in the form of MeddiCredit. 

Optional MeddiCredit offer big incentives for both providers and patients

When patients sign up with the platform, they receive an allotment of MeddiCredit that they can redeem for discounts on their care. Those credits are the patient’s to use, with no hoops to jump through or strings attached. 

On the provider’s side, they have the option to accept MeddiCredit or not (if they don’t, the patient still receives the promised discount). If the practice owners do choose to accept patient MeddiCredit, they’re rewarded in two significant ways. 

First is by earning additional free leads, in a number corresponding to the amount of MeddiCredit they accept. More leads equals more opportunities to fill up their appointment rosters and maximize the flow of patients into their practice.

Second is by building goodwill with their patients, increasing the likelihood that those patients will choose them as their preferred care provider, now and in the future. 

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As revolutionary as MeddiPop is poised to be for both medical practices and patients, the platform is just getting started. As it grows, MeddiPop will evolve with its users, growing more powerful, more targeted, and more efficient over time, as it “learns” from the feedback and data it collects on the success of its patient matches. So while MeddiPop’s benefits are massive, its potential to transform life for medical practices and patients is limitless

If you’re a medical practice owner or a patient looking for quality medical care, you can find out more and sign up for your free 7-day trial at

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